Hotel lock

Horing AH-00212


Có Loại,4,5,8,10 kênh
-Power 220V AC/50Hz *Others also available
– Voltage Scope Nominal Voltage±20%
– Battery Capacity 24V DC 1.2Ah 24V DC 0.8Ah
– Charging Voltage, Current 26V DC 100~400mA *With auto adjustment function
– Exterior Resistance Round-trip under 50Ω
– of heat detector connected No limit *Except electronic-type
– of smoke detector connected 30/zone *Horing Lih manufactured
– Max. Output Current 1A 500mA
– Digital Switch 500000 Cycles Min. reliability
– End of Line Resistor 10kΩ *One per zone
– Material 1.2mm steel plate
– Color Ivory white *Others also available

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