Hotel lock

Horing AHC-871


- Dung lượng linh hoạt từ 15 đến 100 kênh tùy vào nhu cầu
- Nâng cấp tối thiểu từ 5 kênh trở lên
- Input power supervisory LEDs (Normal, Low, and High).
- Auto-dialer disable function.
- Current panel capacity confirmation.
- Fully supervisory to all inputs and outputs.
- Indication for open, short circuit and head removal on detection loop.
- Ground fault and PCB Link fault detection.
- Resettable fuses that can automatically cut off power for circuit protection.
- Twin sounder circuit outputs and each rated at 1A @24VDC.
- Built-in output per zone for Repeater panels.
- Auto-monitoring for open and short circuit on batteries.
- Zones disable facility enabling simple servicing and maintenance.
- On-board key switch enable for board operation.(4 zone and 8 zone only)
- Complete with integral charger for sealed lead acid batteries.
- Lamp test feature.

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